How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost in Sandy Springs?

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Power washing is a fast, effective service to clean home exterior surfaces. It will remove stains, debris and mold from vinyl, brick, wood and even shingles.

Whether it’s your house or business, pressure washing can immediately improve the appearance of your exterior.

Power washing is an inexpensive method to give a home a facelift, without remodeling. But many homeowners never schedule these services since they assume they are too expensive or not necessarily worth the price.

So let’s look at the standard cost of pressure washing so you aren’t one of those homeowners who doesn’t see the value of this service.


A pressure washing company in Sandy Springs is going to bill you by the hour or depending on the size of the job. Sometimes, a local business may offer flat rates for most of their jobs. This simplifies their pricing for their customers and themselves, but it is definitely not the standard.

Typical costs of pressure washing vary a little across the country, but they should be pretty similar throughout Sandy Springs.

This cleaning process works really well on several household exteriors, so we’ll cover the average price of pressure washing by the surface to be cleaned.


The cost for homes and small offices or storefronts is between $0.30 and $0.70 per square foot of surface area, with the mean cost being $0.40 per square foot. This puts the average price near $225 for a smaller home, although this price can easily be doubled depending on the size of your house.


Wood is much softer than vinyl, brick and most other home building materials, so you need to be very careful not to be rough on it. This is a case where enlisting a professional for deck cleaning or for patio cleaning is much less risky than trying to do the job on your own. Expect to pay between $150 and $300 for most wood decks and patios in Sandy Springs.


Did you know your home’s roof can be pressure washed? Like with wood, it takes special knowledge and training to protect delicate shingles – although some roofing materials, like tin, can withstand high pressure washing. The Sandy Springs pressure washing company you hire will have different accessories for their sprayers to work on the type of roof you have. Pressure washing a roof runs somewhere between $250 and $600.


Vinyl and wood fencing often develop mildew after awhile, and mud and dirt stick to these surfaces. For $150 to $300, you can have fences pressure washed so they look like new.


Concrete is very easy to pressure wash, and it is a very effective way to remove stains. You can pay as little as $0.08 per square foot for pressure washing a driveway, or up to $0.35 for power washing sidewalks with special concrete detergent.


AsLike we said, the cost of pressure washing can vary depending on several different factors. Here are a few of the factors that can affect the price of your service:

  • The Company You Choose – A business with more experience, more years in business, or one that delivers guaranteed results might charge more than their competitor. Reputation is important, but that doesn’t mean a newer company won’t do a great job.
  • The Service – The amount of work that goes into each service can impact the cost of the service somewhat. Roofs are trickier sometimes, compared to vinyl siding which is much more popular and easier to do. Fencing needs more attention to detail. All these factors are priced into your cost.
  • Size of the Structure – The square footage of the area is the most important factor that affects cost. However, most fences are relatively small in size but more laborus to clean. Likewise, concrete sidewalks with curbs or stone edging can raise the price of a small surface.
  • Severity of the Cleaning Needs – Stained and dirtier home surfaces will require much more time and work than ones that just need dust and dirt washed away. For example, oil spots may require detergents to get rid of them, while removing mildew from vinyl usually only requires high pressure water.
  • Where You Live – Costs are higher in certain neighborhoods of Sandy Springs. The closer you live to a large city or a wealthy neighborhood, the more you can likely plan to pay for pressure washing. Plus, the availability of pressure washing services near you – or lack thereof – can raise the price too.
  • Demand – The season may affect your price, as many homeowners choose to have pressure washing as part of their spring cleaning, or after a weather event that left debris scattered on the exterior of their house.


Before you hire a company or Sandy Springs pressure washing service, check around to see which service neighbors and family may have used in the past. You’ll usually get very good recommendations.

From there, it’s essential to get estimates from 2-3 of your top picks. Too many more than that can be too much information, but you certainly don’t want to trust only one business for an accurate estimate.

Once you get the results of these estimates, one company may be priced by the hour and another one by the job. This can be complicated and hard to really compare, so it’s recommended to ask a few questions like “How long do you think the service will take?” This question will help to better compare estimates that are priced using different strategies.

Remember that cost is only one factor in your decision. You might see a range of prices in the estimates that you ask for, but it isn’t always the best to hire the lowest priced service. Dig deeper to discover if this is a promotional price or if the business prices its services lower for another reason.

Once you have considered the price against other factors like experience and guarantees, you can then make an educated choice about the right company to handle your pressure washing services.

For an affordable price and excellent service, be sure to call Sandy Springs Pressure WashCo. at 404-905-1920. We guarantee competitive, low pricing and the best pressure washing results in Sandy Springs.

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